Annual Social Care Precept

When you look at your increased council tax bill you will see that already you are paying directly to support adult social care in your area.

The government has allowed councils which provide social care to adults to increase their share of Council Tax. This additional Council Tax charge is called the adult social care precept.

This started in 2016/17 and it is a government requirement that this precept is shown as a separate line on the bill with an amount that is the total for this additional precept over the two years, rather than the total spend on adult social care. 

The provisional local government finance settlement for 2020-21 has now been published.

“We recognise the importance of addressing the challenges in our social care system. This is why we want to build the same level of cross-party consensus on social care as we have with the NHS, to make far-reaching changes to the way these services are financed and delivered,” said Robert Jenrisk the Secretary of state House, Communities and Local Government.

“In the meantime, we will do all we can to support local authorities. The proposals I have published today will allow local authorities to access an additional £1.5 billion for social care.

“This comprises £1 billion of additional grant – for both adult and children’s social care – and a proposed 2% council tax precept for adult social care, which will enable councils to access a further £500 million.

“£150 million of the additional grant will be used to equalise the distributional impact of the council tax adult social care precept.

“These additional resources sit on top of the existing social care package, which will continue at 2019-20 levels, and mean that local authorities will have access to over £5.5 billion of dedicated funding across adult and children’s social care in 2020-21.”

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