Choosing a care home

“I think we should start considering the extra support a care home can offer.”

It is a sentence more and more of us are having to use but laying behind that sentence is a massive amount of emotion – but also behind it should be a lot of research.

Sadly and frequently choice of a care home is driven by the need to act quickly because of a change in situation, but one way of reducing the already incredible situation is to plan. It may be a plan that is never used but it may just be the difference between the right choice and the wrong choice.

There are three key areas that need consideration:

  • Where?
  • How much
  • Will it offer the care that I need now and am likely to need in the future and how do I get notified of vacancies?

As a self funder there is an opportunity to have a greater flexibility of choice with a little bit of effort that becomes a real bonus

Realistically a lot of the decisions are driven by money. What can be afforded and what does the home offer for the money – so work out your budget. Once you have done that gather as much literature about the home as possible. 

Some produce brochures, have websites, there will be a clear statement of costs. If not contact the home directly. Ask for a contract to fully understand the terms that are being offered. 

Some homes may offer extra packages of care or support which you may think were included in the price. These could include such things as medical aids, professional visits and other therapies.

Request a copy of the care homes contracts and/or terms and conditions.

When you are clear on the costings make sure that it provides the sort of care that will be required moving forward. If it does try and get some measurements as to how that care is delivered.

There are a range of websites that provide reviews including but also look for regulatory reviews which should be posted on the care home’s website and try and see if friends or family have any recommendations.

Once you have made a shortlist then visit the home. All good homes will allow such visits and try and have conversations with the managers, staff and residents. Look at such things as noticeboards to see what if any outside activities are offered.

And this is where location comes in. Frequently relatives and friends will want to visit and it is an integral part of maintaining the wellbeing of the resident and so always consider the distance to travel.

If you are confused about arranging care for you or your loved ones give us a call on 020 8770 5350 and request your FREE assessment.

We are here to help.

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