Dementia Support

Some people affected by dementia may be eligible for NHS-funded nursing care contribution. 

It is important once there is a diagnosis of dementia that friends and loved ones find out what nursing care costs are covered but it is by no means certain that support will be available.

There are situations that dementia sufferers may be entitled to receive NHS continuing healthcare funding. If this is the case then this funding from the NHS will cover the full cost of care. This will apply if you are deemed to have a healthcare need, whether in your own home, or in a care home.

“ It is difficult for people with dementia to meet the criteria for eligibility because they are often assessed as having social care needs rather than healthcare needs,” the Alzheimer’s Society website states.”

“This is a complex area, often particularly so for people with dementia, where distinguishing between these two types of care can be very difficult.”

Go to to get a full breakdown of the situation.

But it may be that, however, there comes a point when care at home becomes impossible.

A person with dementia will need more care and support as their symptoms get worse over time. This may mean that a move into a care home can better meet their needs.

If you have been helping someone live independently with dementia or are a carer, this can be a hard decision to make.

But it’s important to remember that there can be many positive aspects to moving into a care home.

These include:

  • 24-hour support from care staff
  • knowing that the person with dementia is in a safe place
  • social activities with other residents
  • Deciding to move into a care home

Sometimes the person themselves can make the decision. But the person with dementia often lacks the ability to decide (lacks mental capacity).

If you or someone else has a lasting power of attorney, you can make the decision for the person with dementia, as long as it’s in their best interests.

Try to talk to the person with dementia about their preferences regarding care in a home, even if they lack the capacity to make a decision over what care home is best for them.

If you need support while choosing a care home Encompass Living can provide that service. Contact us today to find out more, we would love to hear from you.

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