Funding Care

While there was a clear message from our now government to “get Brexit done” there was less information as to it’s approach with regard to social care and the impact on families across the country.

The government has, however, committed to within the first 100 day, approximately by the middle of March, to “beginning cross party talks to find an enduring solution to the challenge of social care.” There has also been a commitment of extra spending

On funding the existing system, the government has pledged to extend its planned £1bn for 2020-21 in additional funding for social care – both adults’ and children’s – so that is available for every year of this Parliament, due to end in 2024.

According to the King’s Fund which is an independent charity working to improve health and care in England in 2017/18, total expenditure on adult social care by local authorities was £21.3 billion, up £684 million (3.3 per cent) from the previous year.

 “Local authorities now spend nearly as much money on long-term care for working-age adults as for older people, though these percentages are essentially unchanged in the last three years,2 states the website.

“The sources of funding are, however, changing. There are three main sources1 for local authority expenditure on adult social care; the largest amount (technically, net current expenditure) is that which councils allocate to social care from their central budget. In recent years, this has been bolstered by the potential to raise more income from council tax through an additional ‘social care precept’. 

The other two main sources are income from client contributions – charges levied on users of social care services – and income from the NHS, much of which since 2015/16 has been channelled through the Better Care Fund. 

 Of course all of the above statistics do not take into account the growing number of families who have to pay for the care of family members of loved ones. These are classed as self funders and are an increasing number of people.

Encompass Living has been established to help self funders navigate through the system to get the best value and best level of care required.

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